Updated weekly, I love writing about the world around me and the adventures I go on. Be it rain or sunshine I love to get out and about and explore the beautiful countryside near and far.

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Taking photos is all part of the fun and can remind me of days that have slipped my memory

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Welcome to Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets

Like being outdoors? Going on adventures? Eating food cooked on a campfire? Enjoy unique, handmade products you can't get anywhere else? Then this is the place for you!

Each week you will find inspiration and beautiful photography to capture your senses which will give you a need to pull on your wellies and explore the outside world.

Once you've been outside and decide to come in to warm up in front of the fire, why not take a look at the gallery or try out one of the tutorials on this site? You deserve to relax after all that excitement of being out in the big wide world!


Thank you for visiting and happy reading.

Vicky x


Wild swimming in the river test