Apps I Use To Help Me Blog

I have some fantastic apps I like to use for blogging.

Sometimes Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets wouldn’t be possible without some of the handy apps I have on my phone to allow me to work on the go. You never know when inspiration will hit you and there is nothing worse than forgetting that fab idea you had earlier in the day. So today I thought I would share my favourites so you can give them a go.

I have some fantastic apps I like to use for blogging.
I have some fantastic apps I like to use for blogging.


Perhaps an obvious one, as I have a WordPress website (self hosted), but there is a fab app which has been produced which allows you to do pretty much everything that you do in the dashboard on your laptop. This means when an idea for a post come rushing into my head, and can get some notes down before they fade away. Sometimes I can write a whole post on my phone, which I can even schedule for later in the week. It’s so handy!


This app isn’t so much for creating and maintaining my own content, but for checking in on others new content. It allows you to search and follow blogs as the website does, and even allows you to save posts to folders for later. It’s easy to use and means I can read all my favourite blogs on a Sunday morning in bed without having to load the laptop up (my favourite time of the weekend).


For those of you who don’t use this, you’re missing out! This app is a fab way to make quick and professional looking images for both your blog and social media accounts. You can either make the images from scratch, or you can use templates and tweak them to suit you. I use this app for all of my images. This way I can build my brand with some consistency without feeling the pressure of having to take amazing snaps all the time.

If you really love it you can subscribe for more features, such as saving your favourite settings and access to more photos. However I find the normal version is perfectly fine.

Bear focus timer (BFT)

If you’re anything like me, distraction can be your worst enemy when trying to write content. I am constantly hearing my phone ‘ding’ with notifications. So how can you stop this? BFT is a cute little app which will play background music such as waves crashing or birds singing. It will mute your notifications and you can set how long you want to work for before you get a break. BFT will break up these session into equal portions, with short breaks in between each portion, and a longer one when you finished the session.

I love how easy it is to use and it is amazing how much i can get done when I use it.

Google Analytics

This is a must have app for anyone running a blog. If you want to know how well a post did or when most readers visit your site, check this out. It can be a bit of a faff to set up, but once you get going its so handy to know what is what. It will even give you suggestions as to how to improve your content or site in order to get more traffic. Mine has shown me how to keep people on my site longer, which has been really interesting and useful.


Instagram is so much fun! Not only do I spend ages creating fun content for my stories and grid, but I can use these photos in my blog posts. You may have noticed the string of photos down the bottom of the page? I’ll give you one guess as to where they came from! I try to have a bit of a colour theme to my photos, but to honest I don’t try too hard as this would make it boring for me. It’s important to let your personality show over creating the ‘perfect’ picture. Don’t forget you can also share your Canva images to Insta, which can be so useful for promoting those new posts!

Those were my most favourite apps for blogging, what’s yours? Let me know!

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