A Brave New World

Today I took a leap of faith, I jumped into the new world of vlogging. For two weeks I have been recording aspects of my life which I think would be interesting or entertaining, and enjoying every minute of it. I downloaded software onto my laptop to edit the videos and add extra effects, including sound and animations, so much fun.

New beginnings

But then the scary bit happened! I published it online and shared it all over my social media! That was it, no turning back. What if people laugh at it? If people don’t like it? What if I fail? The idea of any of those happening was horrible, but I had come so far, I couldn’t back out now. Besides, I had bought all the equipment, I couldn’t send it back!

As if that wasn’t enough!

Shortly after clicking ‘publish’ I decided one challenge today wasn’t enough. So I rejoined my local weight management group (not sure if I can mention which, but one of the big two!). Not having been for a good six months, the idea of standing on the scales and admitting to myself and another person what my true weight was also seemed daunting. But I was on a roll so off I went.

Walking into that hall was terrifying, but there were so many familiar and friendly faces that before long I was settled back in and had completely forgotten about the video which was now circulating the net. I was potentially becoming some horrible meme on Facebook, with everyone laughing and tagging their friends in.

It will be alright on the night

Soon the meeting was over and I was feeling motivated and positive – not scared at all. On arriving home I found the video had been viewed 12 times and I already had 2 subscribers (friends – but still counts!). I’m so pleased I did those potentially awful things instead of making excuses or putting it off. It feels very liberating.

What have you done recently that you were worried about or scared to do? Let me know in the comments below.

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