Finding The Positives

how do you find the silver lining when everything seems to be going down the pan? My article explains all.

You’re Having A Laugh, Right?

So as I explained in my previous post, the blog is going to be taking a seasonal format going forward. This weekend I was all set up ready to write some articles and what not, but it seems Mother Nature had other plans. So my plans were rather scuppered when I woke up on a recent Saturday and Sunday to YET MORE SNOW! Hello? March? You know you’re meant to be starting Spring now right?! I guess it’s having a lie-in!

Woke up to YET MORE SNOW in the middle of March! WTF??


So what could I do on Sunday morning but park up at my desk and start scratching my head. I had scheduled to meet a local producer to discuss how her products could contribute to mental and emotional health and wellbeing. This obviously had to be postponed as neither of us could get out of our roads (It will come later readers, fear not).

how do you find the silver lining when everything seems to be going down the pan? My article explains all.

Finding The Silver Lining

I did what I always do on a Sunday morning. I opened up YouTube to catch up on the channels I do love watching. A suggested video came up and before I knew it I was watching an hour long masterclass and smoke was coming off my pen I was writing that furiously!

I hadn’t meant to, but I had inadvertently stumbled on a whole load of information which suddenly made my whole venture more meaningful. It was so invigorating and inspiring!

I love it when that happens. You wake up in a slump because plans are changed and then suddenly everything turns out even better than it would have. I’m not saying the interview wouldn’t have been good, but knowing what I know now it’ll be even better. I’m so excited!

It’s a proven fact that learning is good for our mental wellbeing and days like this highlight this for me. I was feeling so flat and disappointed when I woke up that morning. By the end of it I was feeling positive and upbeat.

So there you have it ladies and gents. Even though Spring has hit the snooze button, we don’t have to. Nothing has to be put on hold when we can’t leave the house for a day. It just takes a new angle or approach instead.

Such a satisfying end to what could have been a bit of a flop of a day!

V x


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