Hello October.

October, when did they happen?! Wow! Only 3 more months left of the year and my, hasn’t this year flown! It’s that time of year when the season really starts to show itself that I start to reflect on what I have achieved and what I am yet to do.

Drama Drama

This year has been a pretty ‘character-building’ year as my big brother would put it. So many challenges and I feel a lot stronger for experiencing them, even though I would have rather not faced some of them at the time.

Normally I start to feel quite melancholy in October, but this time I feel different. I feel positive and motivated. Maybe some good can come out of what has been a fairly dramatic summer for me? Only time will tell. It certainly is nice to feel that there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. Along with a lot of things to look forward to (getting married next year certainly being the main event in my mind right now!) I feel there is also a lot of potential in the air as well.


It is also this time when I start to think about the new year and any resolutions I would like to make. I try not to say the same old rubbish of ‘losing weight’ and ‘exercising more’ as I have learnt after all these years a hangover on January 1st is not going to persuade me to go for a run! No, I like to make more realistic resolutions. For example, last years was to make more time for friends and I have certainly reaped the benefits of that one.

Of course there are things to look forward to in the shorter term too, Halloween and Christmas being two big ones which I will definitely take part in, much to Mike’s dismay!

Halloween comes to Hampshire

How are you feeling at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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