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Unknown Territory

This week I met the most inspiring group of people I have ever spent time with. I can honestly say I have never felt so positive leaving an event which I was so nervous about going to.

October 25th 2017 was the Winchester Bloggers first ever networking event. Held in a fantastic pub in Winchester called The Westgate, Mike and I arrived at 7pm sharp. We bravely walked through the door, and were welcomed by the lovely Kelly. Kelly runs the Winchester Bloggers group with her partner James. We received a run down of the evening, joking that it was a bit like a new term at school. Then we wrote our names and blog titles on a sticker and placed it proudly on ourselves before diving in to the ever growing crowd of people.

First day of School

At first we didn’t really know where to start. A bit like children in a toy warehouse, it was all a bit daunting. But soon enough we were chatting away to people and it didn’t take long before business cards were being exchanged and new friendships were forming.

I was amazed at how friendly and enthusiastic everybody was. As a relatively new blogger, it can be difficult to know if your content is actually interesting to others. It certainly was a massive boost to know people had heard of me and were enjoying my content. Even those who hadn’t discovered me yet seemed keen to find out more.

The positive vibes were infectious, I found myself excited for other people’s ventures and projects. I was also surprised at the wide variety of people in the room; all ages, backgrounds and professions were together in one place. Yet we all had one thing in common, blogging.

Unexpectedly Inspired

Coming home we were both buzzing with excitement. Keen to make new friendships and connections, and eager to write down how experiences to share with the world. I am very much looking forward to the next evening together and hearing how people are progressing with their blogs. I also look forward to reading their content whilst I wait for that evening to arrive.

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