January – The need to clean!

And so it begins….

I hate cleaning! So why is it as soon as the Christmas decorations come down we all have this sudden urge to clean out all the cupboards in the house? Is it just me? Last weekend I was actually excited at the prospect of being able to clear out my office (it’s really the spare room but I keep my desk in there so I call it my office to sound posh!). I spent a good 4 hours clearing and sorting, putting things in one order, then trying another order and eventually going back to the original set up just because!

New Years resolutions

We all say something along the lines of ‘new year, new me’ for the first week of January, but do we really change? I like to think of it more as a detox, clearing all the clutter that subconsciously stresses us out and making room for the presents we have received in December. I enjoy the process so much I have compiled a clear out list for every room in the house!

So whilst I didn’t actually do any crafting this weekend or go for a long country walk, I like to think I have set the groundwork for a productive year of making and exploring. I can now do these things feeling more relaxed and I encourage all of you to do the same. By doing this you are setting yourself up for success.

My inspiration

Give it a try

Why not try doing all those little odd jobs that have been playing at the back of your mind? Hang the picture that’s sat on the floor; touch up the paint work that’s peeling; clean out your wardrobe. When I do this, I feel ten times lighter and I hope you get the same cleansing feeling.

I always have a cup of tea on the go!
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