A love/hate relationship with Instagram

do you love or hate instagram?

Instagram is arguably one of the most successful social media platforms going. With millions of users online every day, the amount of creative content being uploaded is endless. But many of us are finding more and more reasons to move over to other platforms. I personally find I spend less and less time on there as the months pass by. 

In light of the recent apparent flop of IGTV, I am now starting to wonder if Instagram is getting a bit too big for its boots. Choosing to support the bigger brands and putting off the smaller users who simply want to have some fun. In order to work out where I stand in all of this I thought I would make a list of pros and cons.

do you love or hate instagram?
do you love or hate insta?

Reasons I Love Instagram

  • I love being creative with photography.

This is probably one of the main reasons most people sign up for this platform. Taking photos, playing with filters and other features, and sharing them with the world. 

  • I enjoy seeing other people’s work

Like most people on this planet, I am incredibly nosey and love sneaking a peak into other people’s lives. I recognise that the vast majority of these photos are showing me only the positive highlights, but it’s still fun!

  • I get inspired by other accounts.

Pretty much as it says on the tin. Sometimes a photo can spark an idea for me and off I go!

Reason I Hate Instagram

  • Building a following is hard

Unsurprisingly, as a blogger I am always looking to grow my audience and improve my game. This is incredibly difficult at the moment. It is widely recognised that the algorithm for Instagram has become stricter. You are now required to be on the platform pretty much day and night in order to be rewarded with increased exposure. Obviously for the majority of users this is nigh on impossible. I personally find this incredibly unfair.

  • Engagement is minimal

So you manage to get some followers. But how do you know they are even getting to see your photos? Instagram doesn’t display content in a chronological order, which means you have to rely on endless scrolling or hashtags to get your photo seen.  Then when you photo is seen how do you get people to comment? Liking is easy, I too am guilty of the mindless double tap without actually taking the time to write down my thoughts or comments. This is a challenge.

  • The follow/unfollow game

For some reason people still think they can grow an account by playing the follow/unfollow game. This means they follow you, and then you politely follow them back, only to find a few days later they have unfollowed you. I have this magic little app that shows me who has done this. I can’t be the only one. Nobody wants followers like this do they? So annoying!

  • Fake followers

If the follow/unfollow game wasn’t bad enough, if you’re really desperate you can buy followers! BUY THEM! This astonishes me. I couldn’t stand to know that most of my followers were fake. I would feel like a fraud myself. But people do it and unfortunately this in turn encourages others to do the same. It is something that, in my opinion, Instagram should be policing.

In conclusion? I suspect I will continue to use the platform. I do still enjoy creating on it and I hope that one day the algorithm will be altered to support the smaller accounts more. 

A girl can only hope!


from me x

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I completely agree with everything you’ve said! I’ll keep using it, too, but I do hope they reconsider and begin letting the rest of us have a chance. I don’t think it’s likely, not while it’s owned by Facebook, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


This is so true!
I can’t think of anything I would say differently. The algorithm annoys me, because while I follow some “big” accounts for inspiration, a lot of the people I follow are bloggers, and smaller accounts, and I loathe that I have to search for their pics. Or just like them 3 days later and look like a crazy stalker lol.
The idea of perfection on Instagram does seem to be losing favour though, I see more and more people (myself included) sharing the opinion that it should be more realistic and less pristine!


Totally relate to this post! Funnily enough, before I had a blog I used to love instagram, but like you I now get annoyed with the unfollowers and the hard work building real follows.

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