About Me

Let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Vicky. I am a 32 year old curvy girl originally from London (well, Croydon but it counts!). I now live in the heart of Hampshire with my husband Mike, our cat Billy, a chameleon name Fitz, two dart frogs named Hall and Oates (Google if you don’t know!) and an array of fish and other aquatic life.

I am a Wellbeing Blogger teaching busy people the importance of self care and aiming to give them quick and easy to absorb information about how they can incorporate it into their lives in a realistic way.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and stress for around a decade, it saddens me just how many of us are in the same boat. We get up, go to work (possibly after shipping the kids to school) and spend hours slaving away for ‘the man’, before finally heading back home to feed hungry mouths, wash twenty thousand pairs of pants and finally collapse into bed. Only for it all to start again the next day.

Where is the time for us?

Through quick, easy to read articles I will give you tips and advice on how you can spend some time looking after yourself. Ranging from mindfulness and alternative therapies, to the good old fashion walk in the woods! Everything recommended on here has been tried and tested by me so you don’t have to worry.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions too, so please do comment below each post.

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keep fit
from me x