Hi, I’m Vicky. I am a mindfulness expert teaching people with busy lives how to adopt mindfulness easily.

As someone who has had to manage her own anxiety and stress for around a decade, it saddens me just how many of us are in the same boat. We get up, go to work (possibly after shipping the kids to school) and spend hours slaving away for ‘the man’, before finally heading back home to feed hungry mouths, wash twenty thousand pairs of pants and finally collapse into bed. Only for it all to start again the next day.

Where is the time for us?

On this website you will find quick and easy tips and tools which can be easily incorporated into your current lifestyle. Theres no need to change the whole way you live.

To support the resources on here, I also regularly post articles in the Blog section which will discuss issues and give you inspiration to be more mindful.

If you like the idea of chatting with people with the same challenges, there is also a Mindfulness community where you can learn how others are using the information they have learnt here.

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keep fit

from me x