Although self care is obviously something we should all be doing throughout the year, there is something about Autumn that makes it easier to take some time to look after ourselves. Here are four of the main reasons I think self care is at it’s prime during the autumn months.

Welcome To A New Season of Self Care!

Autumn is easily my favourite time of year. The colours are gorgeous and the world has that soft hue about it – what’s not to love? Before we get started, some of you might be asking yourself what self care actually is.   For more information, check out this article on how to get started with self care. To be fair, even if you do know, if might be worth checking it out just to make sure we’re on the same page before we get started.

Now you have a better understanding of what it actually is (yes i’m assuming you went back a read it!) let’s have a look at why I think Autumn is the perfect season to practice self care, whether you’re new to it or not.

Autumn is the Season of Self Care

The light is softer

If autumn is the season of self care, then summer is the season of chaos! We all insist on being out all the time, seeing friends and enjoying the warmer temperatures. This is great but it makes me so tired. By the time September gets here I’m ready to hang up my sunglasses and pick up those fluffy socks. 

Have you ever noticed that towards the end of August the light seems to change? Every year I find myself commenting on how it starts to feel like someone has put an instagram filter on the world. I tell Mike and he knows that to me it means autumn is on the way. This change in the light seems to set something off inside of all of us, life starts to slow down and everyone seems to start taking things a bit easier.

I have seen on my Instagram just how many people are enjoying cozy jumpers, blankets and socks. The fairy lights are cracked out and candles are light all over the place. The slower pace for me is the epitome of self care. taking time to let ourselves recover from the fun and frolics that came in the Summer months.

Hygge is in Full Force

If you haven’t heard of Hygge by now you must have been living on another planet! The dictionary defines it as the following:

“A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”

Basically this Danish term is all about cozying up to the max. Think candles and fairy lights and fires (sound familiar?!) all wrapped up in woolly blankets and thick socks.

Who doesn’t feel comforted and relaxed when sat by the fire on a cold evening, watching an old film and drinking hot chocolate? It simply isn’t possible to do this in summer without melting into a pool of sweat. 

Hygge to me is a great example of self-care. By taking things slow and the feeling of wellbeing, it’s a great way to really look after ourselves. I know I feel really happy and relaxed when I’m snuggled up in front of the fire watching a black and white movie and wearing my favourite pj’s. 

Hot baths are Tolerable

I loves me a bath. With candles, my crystals, and soft music playing in the background. I feel so relaxed having that time to slow down. I go all out when I have a bath with essential oils, salt and sometimes even rose petals. I like to light some candles and scatter crystals around the room. I put on some plinky-plunky music and have a glass of something strong. It’s a great option for self care sessions. 

The problem is, when it’s August and the temperature outside makes me want to peel my own skin off I’m that warm I don’t really feel like have a scalding hot bath. So after months of cold showers, this is a welcome change. I enjoy that first bath of autumn the most out  of all of them, making the water so scalding hot that I’m red from the waist down and I even feel a bit light headed when I get out – it’s the best feeling!

Hobbies become fun again

Self care isn’t just about pampering ourselves with lotions and potions and sitting around doing as little as possible, hobbies are just as important too. 

But when your hobby is crochet or painting plastic models (apparently that’s fun for some people), the idea of being stuck indoors whilst the sun is blazing outside just isn’t as appealing in the warmer months. I have been crocheting a blanket for years now. It has taken me so long because when it gets to the summer it’s too hot to have a massive mountain of wool on my lap!!

These sorts of hobbies are a great way to wind down because they allow our minds to stop worrying about that big long list of things to do and concentrate on what is happening in the moment. Now the nights are getting cooler, why not think about picking up that hobby you were into last year? Maybe you’re a baker, get back in that kitchen – I promise you won’t burst into flames now it’s cooler! 


Autumn is the Season of Self Care

So what are you waiting for? Crack out the candles (Homesense has the most awesome autumnal ones in at the moment!), hang up your twinkly lights and run a bath. Take this seasonal opportunity to practice some well needed self care. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. 



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