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A huge thank you to Anne for tagging me in this Autumn Tag. You can read her post HERE. As most of you know I bloody love Autumn so this is the best!


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So let’s crack on with the post!

The Autumn Tag

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? 

It’s got to be the colours! Mother Nature is an amazing woman and every year I am in awe of the rainbow of colours which can be seen in the trees, shrub and wildlife. Ranging from green, yellow, orange, red and even purple. I love, love, love it! Mixed with the golden light the world just becomes the most beautiful place to be.

Are you taking part in #Blogtober?

No, I am concentrating on Blogmas this year, but I think I will give it a go next year! I had read a lot of other people’s content for Blogtober this year and it has given me some inspiration.

Favourite Autumnal drink?

Anything pumpkin spiced, hot chocolate and in November – mulled wine. I know this is technically a winter drink but I love watching the fireworks whilst supping on it! Having said all that, Costa are doing a really yummy bonfire spiced Hot Chocolate which I am a tad obsessed with at the moment.

Favourite Autumnal candle? 

Oh goodness I have so many! My whole house is filled with candles, air sprays and reed diffusers! Probably my favourite one though is a DW candle I have which is in my lounge. It’s called “Autumn Evenings” and it makes the whole room smell so lush.

Favourite item of clothing for autumn?

All of my snuggly jumpers which I can crack out this time of year. If I had to pick one though, probably my white, chunky knit oversized one. It’s so snuggly and goes well with skinny jeans and thick socks. I do have to admit I spend a lot of the colder months in my pyjamas though!

Do you decorate your house/room for Halloween/Autumn? 

I like to place bowls of conkers, fir cones and any other autumnal treasure around the house. I go on long walks in the local countryside to collect them each year. Then at Halloween, I have some silly decorations which I put up for a week or two. Much to the disgust of my Husband!!

What do you do on Halloween? 

Normally we stay home and watch Halloween films whilst waiting for the local kids to come trick-or-treating. I think this year we are spending it with friends, either way I will be cracking out the skeleton outfit for the evening! I just can’t help myself!

Mother Nature

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