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A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Lamorna if I would like to review an online course called Breaking Bad Eating Habits. As someone who has struggled with her weight since the moment she left the womb, I was intrigued to find out if I could learn anything new from this course. Especially at the price of £147.

If I am completely honest, I was doubtful I would learn anything new. I have tried all the fad diets going, and my weight has yo-yo’d for years. But I was determined to keep an open mind and give the course a fair try.

Starting the course

After logging in to my account, I was led to a dashboard which had the course ready to start. This then lead me to a further dashboard which displayed an overview on the topics which would be covered on the course. The first thing to do was to complete a survey, to determine why it is I wanted to complete this course, and what I wanted out of it.

Each following chapter consists of videos, a test of knowledge learnt or a survey, the soundtrack for each chapter and some PDF printouts to refer back to later.

I liked that the dashboard displayed my progress through the course as I was completing it. This acted as motivation to keep going, but also helped when logging back in after some time away. It is also great that the course can be done at the pace that suits the learner. It probably could be completed in a day, but there is a lot of information to take away. I liked being able to digest (haha!) what I had learnt for a day or two before going onto the next stage.

The course is broken down into the main bad habits which most of us have when it comes to eating. Obviously not all of these would necessarily apply to everyone, but I still found it interesting to learn about.

Each habit is broken down further, into manageable short videos. Lamorna  guides the learner into why they might be behaving the way they are. She then goes on to give practical and realistic advice for each habit in the next bitesize video.

Testing Knowledge

After each module, there is a short test or survey to give the learner a chance to consolidate the information. I have always found learning this way much more effective. By having an interactive element to the course the new information seems to sink in!

Print outs and more!

Once the module is complete, there is an opportunity to download a PDF of the information delivered in the videos. Lamorna has created some great articles which are very visual and easy to absorb. I have printed out a few and left them on the table for the whole family to read! They have also proved useful resources when I have forgotten something she said.

Finally, each module had the entire soundtrack from all the videos in that section. I personally didn’t find this useful, but I can see how some people might like to have it on in the background when preparing meals. It is another great way to consolidate the information being delivered.

The Verdict?

Lamorna’s course is certainly informative, insightful and fun to do. I have learnt a great deal from her course, which I have applied in my day to day life. I am already starting to see results! Lamorna is friendly and relaxed in her videos, making her easy to watch. She is clearly very passionate about how she can help and support people to improve their diet. Not just to loose weight, but to be HEALTHY!

I would definitely recommend her course, I have learnt a lot about my habits and what I can do to break them. I look forward to seeing how the changes improve my health in the future.


Would you like to complete this course? The Breaking Bad Eating Habits can be found here.

Lamorna also has loads of other great courses! If you would like to see what else she has on offer, click here.


Review: Lamorna Breaking Bad Eating Habits Course
Review: Lamorna Breaking Bad Eating Habits Course

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