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In this section you will find my posts relating to self awareness.

As I repeatedly mention, this is a mindful blog. I think the biggest part of being mindful is to be aware of ourselves. In this section I explore my feelings and behaviours. I try to understand why I react to things the way I do and I will share with you my tips and techniques for coping with negative feelings.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for many years now, I have learnt some coping strategies which have worked for me. I hope they work for you too.

Guest Post: Lucy’s Story on Post Natal Depression

Lucy's story

Chin up, you’re just tired. Some women just can’t hack it. How come you don’t wear your make-up anymore? Some of the people I love the most have made comments like this. I know they don’t mean too but nobody knows what to say to me. My pride has gone. I have no compassion for things that used to make me loveable, I don’t even look like me anymore. I hate this house. I hate my husband for giving this […]

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