Blogmas Day 19: My Christmas Traditions

My Christmas traditions
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First of all I need to say a HUGE sorry for the gap in posts on here, I was doing so well and then all hell broke loose, time got away from me. Before I knew it we were less than a week away from Christmas. So I’m trying to get back on track with this post about my traditions.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a while: my Christmas Traditions. Every family will have their own little things that are a must, and as you get older they evolve to incorporate new family members and the little things they value.

My Christmas Traditions

I have always had a few things that are a must for me, as most people do. But I also think it is good to hear what others get up to. I find it intriguing to find out when people eat, open their presents or what they watch on TV.

Most of our Christmases’ are spent at my mum and dad’s house. So I thought I would run through our little festive traditions.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve my Dad bakes a Ham. The house smells lush – full of honey and mustard. We have it hot with potatoes and Pease Pudding (basically mashed lentils – so British!). After we have eaten we settle down in front of the fire and watch Christmas films in our onesies. I try and stay up late but inevitably end up going to bed at my usual time because I’m so tired!

In the Morning

I always try to have a bit of a lie in but inevitably end up being woken up at the crack of dawn for bucks fizz. We have Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast and continue to drink bucks fizz! All the while there is Christmas music on in the background. I love a festive playlist and if you haven’t already seen it, you can check mine out here.


The traditional turkey dinner is dished up around 2pm. Dad always aim for earlier but it never happens! Music continues to play in the background and incase we hadn’t drunk enough yet, the bubbles and wine start flowing. We pull the crackers done after our main course. Then we have a dessert of Christmas pudding and apple crumble. If we have any room left after that (lol), there’s tea, coffee and mince pies after this.

Christmas Afternoon and Evening

After lunch we continue opening presents and snooze on the sofa in front of Christmas TV. Dad likes to watch the Dr Who special and Mum and I watch the Call the Midwife Special. We also take it in turns to play with the children in between naps!

After a while we start to get peckish again – if that’s possible! So Mum puts on a buffet spread which is picked at for several hours. Then the booze cabinet is opened and we raid all the weird and wonderful drinks. Dad has a brandy. Mike has Whiskey (and a cigar outside).

Boxing day

The next day we all go for a blustery walk on the beach to burn off some of the calories consumed on Christmas day. Then it’s back to the house for a lunch of leftovers and bubble + squeak (again, very British!). Then we crash on the sofa to continue to watch Christmas TV and play more games with the children.

Christmas is basically three days of eating with a cold walk thrown in for good measure!

So that’s my Christmas wrapped up in a blog post. I would love to hear what you guys get up to. Let me know!

from me x
from me x
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