My Week in a Word: Creativity

Come and find out how creativity helps me and my mental wellbeing

My week in a Word is a weekly opportunity for me to reflect on what has happened in the past seven days. For those of you who like the idea of writing a journal, I find it an easier way to do this and of course it’s very mindful. I publish this post every Monday.

Come and find out how creativity helps me and my mental wellbeing

The Creativity of the Midnight Brain

Creativity is a strange creature. Ideas always ted to hit me when I am not really in a position to write them down. Like when I’m driving, or in the middle of the night. This week has been particularly bad for this. I have taken to leaving a notebook on my bedside table to make sure I can write things down at 3am, and using SIRI to make notes on my phone whilst I’m driving (although she spells things in a funny way sometimes!).

For those of you who don’t know, I now spend a lot of time in the car in my new job. A LOT! So, I get to spend this time listening to podcasts and thinking about stuff in general. This week I have been listening to a really cool podcast by the people at It’s a great because it has really got me thinking about how I can be creative. Especially with the projects I have got lined up for the next couple of months. I have had some things which I have been mulling over for aaaages now and I have decided to just bite the bullet and go for it!

Curse or Blessing?

Having said that coming up with ideas in the car or in bed is a pain, creativity is actually very good for my wellbeing. It really gives me a chance to express myself. I have always enjoyed making things or adapting things to suit my own needs. I also think there is something mindful about being creative. You have to spend time in the moment, thinking about what it is you are doing. My brain is focussed on what is going on and I can’t think about all the stress and negative aspects of my life.

As most of you will know my main outlet for my creativity is the good old internet. I always feel so much better for spending some time on my blog and other platforms. There is something so satisfying about spending a lot of time on a project and seeing it all completed. Even better, I love it when other people have enjoyed my content or have found it beneficial. It’s so lush!

Come and find out how creativity helps me and my mental wellbeing

Producing Positivity!

The other good thing about being creative is how productive it makes me feel. When I’m feeling a bit low or meh, you can guarantee that a session of writing or making will make be feel a billion times better. Actually as I write this I have had a flat day, feeling rubbish. But I can feel my mood changing for the better.

I guess all in all my lesson from this week is that being creative is really good for me! It doesn’t have to be a work of art for the Tate, as long as I am happy with it that’s all that matters.

So if you are feeling a bit meh, why not give it a try? You might find you like it.1

from me x
from me x

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