Mindfulness is often practiced in conjunction with other alternative therapies. In my quest to bring mindfulness to the masses, I have decided to explore how these alternative therapies may boost the effects of mindfulness and self care. Crystal Healing has seen a recently surge in popularity and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If you’ve also been curious, read on to find out how I got on.

What IS Crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an energy based alternative therapy, which concentrates on how the vibrations of different crystals effect the mind and body. The idea is that we all have different energies flowing through us, which can become unbalanced or stagnant from time to time. 

Different crystals have different properties and energies which helped to rebalance our personal energies. These stones can be used for a whole variety of conditions and are often used in conjunction with other therapies, such as Reiki.

There is little to no scientific evidence to support this form of healing, but a vast number of people from all over the world have vouched for the effectiveness of the treatment.  As someone who is quite skeptical of anything which doesn’t have an evidence base to support it, I was intrigued to see why they had suddenly become such a focal point in the self care community.

The History Behind It

It’s believed that crystal have been used to ward of negatives energies since the times of the Egyptians, although it has also been noted in other cultures including Mayan, Ancient Chinese, Aztec and Aborigines. Many small tribes still, or have only recently stopped, using crystals to balance energies.

Crystal started to be used again in therapy in the 1980’s, with the advent of the New Age Culture. Most of this modern practice is based on the traditional concepts found in many Asian cultures, such as the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras. 

Why Crystals?

 As part of my journey exploring alternative therapies, I have found myself becoming more and more drawn to this therapy . I have read about how crystals and gemstones have positive effects on the mind, body and soul.  Thinking back to my childhood also, I have always been drawn to crystals. I thought this was due to the aesthetics but having read more about them I wonder if there was more to this affinity. Was I instinctively trying to balance my energies?

OG readers of the blog will know my blog buddy Lee (from Lovinglifewithlee.com) and her hubby are massively into alternative therapies, including crystals. So I quizzed them both at length to find out more about how it works and how to get started. They gave a very convincing argument for them, going into some detail about the molecules, their energy and how that energy interacts with the energy surrounding the crystals. 

Choosing my Crystals

Most guidance on choosing crystals tells you to pick the ones you are drawn too. If you think you’re picking a stone because it looks pretty, thats ok. Intuitively you’re said to be actually picking the ones that you need. There are also some ‘starter packs’ online, but it’s important to make sure if you’re buying on the net that the stones you are being sent are not only genuine, but ethically sourced.  Many sources states that a larger crystal isn’t more ‘powerful’ than a small one and true crystals are not cheap, so prioritise quality over quantity.

I took the plunge and found a website called The Psychic Tree which is a fantastic site (it might as well have been tailored to me!). After some procrastination, I decided to go for a range of crystals which I had been curious about:

  • red jasper, which has healing and calming properties
  • red aventurine, which has revitalising and boosting properties
  • topaz, which has healing, stimulating, recharging and demotivating properties
  • green aventurine, which has prosperous and calming properties
  • sodalite, which reduces feelings of panic or angst
  • amethyst, which seems to be a bit of an all round healer!
  • clear quartz, which is known as a ‘master stone’; it is used for protection and capturing negative vibrations.
All the crystals were sent carefully packaged, and in a timely manner, which I appreciated as I am very impatient!


Cleaning and Prepping the Crystals

On obtaining my crystals I knew that it was advised to “cleanse” them before using them for the first time. The idea of this is to remove any energies which have been absorbed from other people prior to the stone coming into my possession. There are quite a few different ways to do this, including leaving in the moonlight of a full moon, washing in a river, burying in the ground, leaving in a bowl of salt and meditating with them to visualise the cleansing. It is important to check which methods are safe for your crystals, and some can react with water (for example) and become toxic. After some lengthy research I decided it was safe to  place my new collection under running water, which is what I did. 

Once this was done, I was advised to ‘get to know’ my crystals. The theory being that the stones need to learn your specific energies before being used in therapies. I was going away for a few days after I received them, so I took them with me. My intentions being that by carrying them around with me the stones would be able to pick up my vibrations. (DISCLOSURE: I’m not entirely sure this is what I should have done, but it worked for me!).

'Using' The Crystals

A few days after our return from a little trip away, I was feeling a bit on edge. This is not unusual, I am a chronic bottler-of-emotions and tend to wait until I have got to the safety of my home before acknowledging my feelings.  It was just before bedtime, also not out of the ordinary for me,  so I decided to crack out the red jasper crystal and meditate with it. As I’ve said above, red jasper is good for calming so I figured this would boost the effect of my already tried and tested meditation routine.

As I held it in my hand, I concentrated on the crystal. Normally during my meditation I focus on something such as my breathing, the smell of the candle next to me, of the sounds of the music I’m playing so this wasn’t that different from normal.

No word of a lie, shortly after picking up the stone I genuinely felt a tingling run up through my hand and arm. I was surprised to say the least, so swapped hands to see if it was a fluke. Holding it in my other hand, the same thing happened, so weird! 

Since that first time of using them, I have repeated the process and also introduced the other crystals into my other self care and mindfulness habits which I have. It’s not always been as obvious as that first time, but I feel like they may have enhanced my practice. 

The Verdict?

Honestly, I am intrigued about crystal healing and I find it fascinating just how many people feel the benefits of using crystals in their self care and mental health practices. I do try to keep an open mind about things in general and make my own opinion, but this has confused me! There is no logic to why this should work. There is no evidence to support crystal healing. And yet, here I am feeling the benefits of using them and having them around my house. 

I guess the question I should really be asking is; if it works does it matter how it does it? Why should I care if I have read a study which backs up the effects of the crystals.  For me the answer annoyingly is no, as long as it works it shouldn’t matter how it works. I think that there is probably a psycho-symatic (if that’s how you spell it) element to it, but this is no different to other placebo’s which are commonly used in society. 

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done, I guess you have to try it for yourself. If it makes you feel better, than keep it up. If it doesn’t, you’ve got some pretty rocks to decorate your house with.  In my personal opinion it is probably one of the prettiest alternative therapies, so that’s got to be something right?

NOTE: Crystal healing should not be used in place of medical advice. Always seek the help of your Doctor if you are concerned.

Crystal healing helped my wellying and it could help you too!
Why Crystal Healing changed my life

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