My Week in a Word: Feelings

How to Make bad feelings a good thing

My week in a Word is a weekly opportunity for me to reflect on what has happened in the past seven days. For those of you who like the idea of writing a journal, I find it an easier way to do this and of course it’s very mindful. I publish this post every Monday.

Why Negative Feelings aren't a Bad Thing

Soo Many Feelings…

Most weeks I sail along, minding my own business and generally loving life. Some weeks, not many though, are like this. Nothing in particular goes wrong, but I just feel like the whole world is on my shoulders. Everything seems to upset me. It’s exhausting.

I’m sure (and hope) I am not the only one who gets like this. The problem is, when you’re in that situation it does feel like you’re on your own. It can feel so hard to open up to others and tell them what is going on in your head.

Lets Face Facts

I have to be honest, this sort of post is always difficult to write. As someone who runs a mindfulness website, I feel this huge pressure sometimes to show you all how I am able to pull myself out of any emotional funk I find myself in. But then as I was sitting down to write this, I realised that the thing you probably want to read is honesty. So here it is. Just because I am able to use mindfulness, self care and emotional intelligence to look after myself – IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY!!!

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel possible. But then again, is it necessarily a bad thing to feel negativity every now and again? I mean, surely if we don’t feel the negatives, how can we appreciate the positives? Living in a mindful household, it can be easy for other members of the family to encourage you to change your mindset. But what if it feels forced? The old phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ might not be so appropriate after all.

Thinking on my feet

Much like most of my weekly posts, I am sort of writing this as it comes into my head. I try not to think about these weekly articles too much because I want them to be honest. I like to listen to my gut. So what is my gut telling me? I guess in a round about way it’s telling me not to suppress the negativity just because you feel you should. I think it’s good to process those negative feelings and understand them, not just push them away.

When people are grieving, they are advised to set aside time to feel the grief. They spend an hour feeling sad about the love one they have lost, before moving on with the day. Why shouldn’t we use that advice with other negative feelings? I personally think it makes perfect sense to allow you to understand what it is that you are feeling.

How to make negative feelings a positive experience

Is ANY of this making sense?

So to cut a VERY long story short, this is what I have done this week. I have given myself time to feel low and process the emotions. It has proved to work well for me. I have certainly found I am not having mood swings in the same way. In other words, I have got over my funk a lot more quickly!

Take away message from this ramble? Don’t worry about feeling bad every now and again. Try the mindfulness, try some self care, and most importantly DON’T ignore the emotions! it’ll only make things worse!

Let me know how you get on.

from me x
from me x

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