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Where does all the money go?
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This week I have been mostly thinking about my finances and how I spend my money.

Learning How To Spend

Now some of you might find this post an uncomfortable post to read. Why? I think this is mainly because as Brits we are brought up that money is an ugly topic for discussion. To this day I still don’t know how much my parents earned, savings etc and I have never told them my salary. Weird when my mother particularly will happily (and sometimes a little awkwardly!) talk about anything else. This is something I would like to challenge because how are we meant to learn how to spend wisely if no bugger will talk about it?!

Where does all the money go?

As a career girl, I have a good enough salary which should pay the bills and leave me enough to live comfortably. However recently I’ve been dipping into the overdraft more and more and using the credit card for shopping when I only got the thing in the first place for emergencies! Something clearly isn’t right and it’s time for a change.

But how do we know we are managing our money well (or even just realistically) if no one is willing to talk about it? A saviour for me in this particular field is Martin Lewis. On his website you can get honest advice on all sorts of aspects to do with money including credit cards, bills, savvy spending and coupons. I definitely recommend him.

Where Does It All Go?

What else can I do? Well, as uncomfortable as it might be, studying EXACTLY where my money is going is vital if things are going to improve. It’s scary just how much money I spend on food at work and eating out at the weekends. No wonder I end up throwing so much food away from the fridge – I’m not bloody eating it!

There are some spending habits I am proud of, I always make sure I have enough money to pay the bills, so I know it’s only the more frivolous things I need to cut back on.

Game On!

So this is the challenge – learning to appreciate life and have fun without splashing the cash – lets see how I get on!



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