My Nomination for The Flawesome Award

The Flawesome Award

Firstly I have to say a massive thanks to Jo at A Rose Tinted World for the nomination. It means a lot to mean that I am getting nominated for these awards. Especially this one  for the Flawesome Award, as it’s perfect for my ethos on this site of finding the positive in everything.

The Flawsome Award

The Flawesome Award

This award was created by the lovely Sophia Ismaa. She wanted to create an award that celebrates our faults and this is definitely an award that resonates with me.

Here is Sophia’s description of this award:

“It’s time to celebrate the flaws that make you awesome.

How many times do we see an award that celebrates all things bright and shiny and sunny in a person? How often do we forget that our weaknesses can be a strength? Our flaws make us human, our flaws tell us more about who we are, and in turn we turn those flaws into awesome strengths. In short, our flaws make us #flawesome.”

Here are the rules:

  1. Link back to the creator – Sophia Ismaa
  2. Display the award
  3. List 3 flaws and turn it into a strength
  4. Tag 10 other people


Flaw Number One – Worrying too much

I spend sooo much time worrying what people think, if something is going to go wrong, or trying to fix things that aren’t broken. wake up at 3am regularly thinking about things which are inconsequential. I hate it. But my wonderful Husband likes to remind me it’s because I am a caring person, and that is something I like to remind myself when I am spiralling. It helps me not only understand why I am behaving the way I am but also to stop my brain from exploding!

Not every flaw is as bad as you think
Not every flaw is as bad as you think

Flaw Number Two – I Overshare

I have so many bruises on my leg from being kicked under the dinner table when I’m talking about unsavoury things! Doing the job I do, I have forgotten that not everyone has a strong stomach. But it’s not just gory stories I like to share, I generally do keep my heart on my sleeve. This can leave me expose and vulnerable, but I like to see it that I am opening the doors for others to talk about things that they may not normally feel comfortable sharing. I am a big believer in sharing is caring.


Flaw Number Three – I Criticise Myself

My final flaw in the Flawesome award is that I am very self deprecating. I spend a lot of time telling myself I can do things better and striving for perfection. This can be incredibly frustrating for people around me. I get very low in mood if I cannot reach my own high standards. Having said all that, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I was happy to accept the mediocre, so I am grateful that I continue to push myself.


My Nominations

Now I have completed my post for this, I would like to nominate the following people for the Flawesome Award:

  1. Lee at Loving Life With Lee
  2. Ruth at  Ruth in Revolt
  3. Anne at Forever the Wanderer
  4. Kate at All The Trinkets
  5. Bexa at Hello Bexa
  6. Chloe at Chloe Elizabeth
  7. Donna at Life as Mrs Jones
  8. Becca at Life as Becca
  9. Duncan at Tales of a Bearded Man
  10. Abby, Lauren and Jordan at My Lifelines


from me x
from me x

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Lee Bowden

Aw, thanks Vicky! I’ll have to do this, along with the Blogger Recognition Award this month huh? I’m slackin.

I love this award concept. Turning flaws and fears, into skills and success! I dig it!


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