Blogmas Day 5: Gifts for Kids

Buying Christmas presents for other people’s kids can be a real nightmare.
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Buying Christmas presents for other people’s children can be a real nightmare. Especially when you know they are going to get a whole mountain of rubbish from their Grandparents! I certainly don’t want to be the reason the house is full of plastic! I have learnt over the years to try and think outside the box a bit. So here are my ideas for what to buy (or create) for the kids in your life this year.

Buying Christmas presents for other people’s kids can be a real nightmare.

Golden Ticket

This is my favourite (tired and tested) one! Last year we made up two small tickets for my niece and nephew. Gold card, with a perforated section on the end. Very similar to the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children could exchange this ticket throughout the year for a daytrip of their choosing. This also teaches them a bit about how to prioritise what is important to them. I found it interesting that my nephew ‘spent’ his in February but we waited until November before my Niece finally decided how to use hers!

Clothes – especially Underwear!

We all know how quickly children grow. Parents will always say how they are constantly buying more clothes. I have been known to buy socks and underwear for Christmas presents. It was welcomed by all! Also make sure you go for the larger sizes to ensure they have longevity. 

Season passes

Trying to entertain the children during the holidays can be expensive. Annual passes to the local attractions are therefore an excellent present to solve this. We have a zoo, theme park and many other places near us which sell annual passes. They work out so much cheaper in the long run than individual admission prices. Try and go for places that are open all year around for maximum value for money.

A Memory box

How many of us can truly say they can remember their childhood well? Memories fade as we grow older, so why not give the children in your life a way to keep those memories strong? A fancy box from Homesense is fab, but for full gifting potential, grab a plain one from a craft shop  and some embellishments so they can decorate it themselves! Include some photos or other bits and pieces inside to get them started. It’ll easily be something they value for years to come.

Buying Christmas presents for other people’s kids can be a real nightmare.

Just a couple of suggestions for you, but I hope you can see how these will be much better than buy another plastic toy.

from me x
from me x
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I have young kids in my family who I always struggle to buy for so these are some really helpful options! I like the idea of a gift with a purpose and a message such as the golden ticket idea which teaches them to prioritise! I always struggle to think what to buy kids who already have everything! Great post!
Alex x

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