Guest Post: Winter Make Up Routine 2018

Winter Make Up

Guest Post: Winter Make Up

Today, the lovely Nadia from Sea of Venus has written a fab guest post about her winter make up routine. Read on to find out what products she recommends for the colder months.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So, in the UK, we’re heading towards the chillier months. This means snuffly noses and the dry skin. Of course, we have to adapt our make-up routines to this, so here’s what works best for me so you can get some inspiration!

Autumn/Winter Make Up


I start with washing my face, just with water at the moment. I don’t want to use any product which could make my skin drier or irritate me (which at the moment, they all seem to do!). Good old water seems to be working well for now, until I find something appropriate. If you have any ideas, please make me some suggestions of good face washes that don’t dry out my skin or cause me to break out!

Onto moisturiser, at the moment I’ve gone back to using the good old staple skincare brand Nivea. I use a tiny amount of the Nivea crème moisturiser. This is so, so thick and keeps your skin hydrated allll day – even through the frosty seasons! 

Creating A Base

I use Mac studio finish duo concealer to cover my black bags and redness. I use the lighter colour under my eyes and darker colour on my blemishes all over my face. This helps me get that flawless skin look! For a concealer is quite heavy duty so works really well in covering unwanted flaws.

I then use Estée Lauder double wear foundation, this is a heavy thick formula, covering all my redness and blemishes. It goes on smoothly and has great coverage, lasting throughout the day.  It’s so thick it also counts as another later to keep warm! For powder, I use the Rimmel Stay Matte. Only putting a tad of this on with a large powder brush. The cold winter keeps my foundation dry and set enough and I don’t want to be looking completely dried up!

Adding The Colour

After this, I use the Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer; a matte bronzer with a few specks of golden shimmer. It smells of CHOCOLATE and I love it, mainly for this reason. This bronzer honestly makes me look like I’ve been on holiday for the past week, every week, its great! 

For eyeshadow I use the Sleek eyeshadow palette. I use the two top golden shades in the far left, all over my lid. I use the highlighter colour at the corner of my eye. Gold is such a Christmassy colour, so its completely appropriate to wear gold all winter! For my mascara, I use the  Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. My sultry, thick flirty lashes will hopefully distract from my Christmas belly! I apply a couple of layers of this, not too much (so it looks clumpy) but enough for my eyes to look cute, ya know?

For lips I use the Mac lip pencil in the colour brick which is a deep red colour. It feels very apt for the Christmas season. I then just put some lip balm over this to create a shine! 

Et Voila – My Winter Make Up!

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and are inspired to develop your own winter make up routine! Heavier make up is definitely more suited to winter than summer due to the humidity and temperature of the air. But anyway thanks!

Winter Make up

Nadia x

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