Why Crystal Healing Has Been Life Changing For Me

Is Crystal Therapy a legit thing?

Mindfulness is often practiced in conjunction with alternative therapies. In my quest to bring mindfulness to the masses, I have decided to explore how these alternative therapies may boost the effects of mindfulness and self care.

Is Crystal Therapy a legit thing?

Why Crystal Healing?

As part of my journey exploring alternative therapies, I have been curious to find out more about crystal healing. I have read about how crystal and gemstones are used to help balance the energies in our bodies. This is turn is said to heal the mind and body. I have always been drawn to crystals. I thought this was due to the aesthetics but having read more about them I wonder if there was more to this affinity.

Now as someone who lives with a very devout cynic, trying to explain to Mike why I was spending money on coloured rocks was going to be a bit tricky! I decided to have a chat with some friends who use crystals before I broached the subject with him.

Avid readers of the blog will know my blog buddy Lee (from Lovinglifewithlee.com). Her Hubby is massively into crystals, so I quizzed hi vicariously through her. He gave a very convincing argument for them, going into some detail about the molecules, their energy and how that energy interacts with the energy surrounding the crystals. I took the plunge and found a website called The Psychic Tree which is a fantastic site (it might as well have been tailored to me!).

Choosing my Crystals

Most guidance on choosing crystals tell you that you should pick the ones you are drawn too. I decided to go for a range which I had been curious about:

  • red jasper, which has healing and calming properties
  • red aventurine, which has revitalising and boosting properties
  • topaz, which has healing, stimulating, recharging and demotivating properties
  • green aventurine, which has prosperous and calming properties
  • sodalite, which reduces feelings of panic or angst
  • amethyst, which seems to be a bit of an all round healer!
  • clear quartz, which is known as a ‘master stone’; it is used for protection and capturing negative vibrations.

I also had some other reasons for picking these ones, but I will go into that in a later post.

Cleaning and Prepping the Crystals

On obtaining my crystals I was advised to clean them. The idea of this is to remove any energies which have been absorbed prior to the stone coming into my possession. There are a few different ways to do this, but after some research I decided I would place them under running water.

Once this is done, I was advised to ‘get to know’ my crystals. I was going away for a few days after I received them, so I took them with me. My intentions being that by carrying them around with me the stones would being being to pick up my vibrations. (DISCLOSURE: I’m not entirely sure this is what i should have done, but it worked for me!).

Have you ever considered using crystals in Mindfulness?

‘Using’ The Crystals

A few days after our return from a little trip away, I was feeling a bit on edge. It was just before bedtime, which is usual for me, so I cracked out the red jasper crystal. As I’ve said above, red jasper is good for calming.

As I held it in my hand, I concentrated on the crystal. No word of a lie I genuinely felt a tingling up through my hand and arm. I was surprised to say the least, so swapped hands to see if it was a fluke. Holding it in my other hand, the same thing happened!

The Verdict?

Honestly, I am intrigued about crystal healing. I have heard a lot about it both positively and negatively. I do try to keep an open mind about things in general and make my own opinion, but this has confused me!

Since trying the red jasper, I have also meditated with the sodalite. I am not sure if it is the mediation, sodalite or a combination of the two which has worked, but I definitely felt some energy movement.

I guess the question I should really be asking is; if it works does it matter how it does it? For me the answer is no, As long as it works.

Want to know more about Crystals? Want to share your experiences? Come and talk to me on Instagram about it!

from me x
from me x

Look out for more crystal related content coming in the future!

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