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A Day for Lovers

Valentines day. The day when couple all over the world celebrate their love for each other (and some friends celebrate their friendships). Flowers are bought, dinner is eaten, but how many of us are guilty of jumping straight on our phones to instagram our gifts or tweet about how wonderful the day has been? I know I have done it in years gone by.

So this year I am promoting the Mindful Dates. Leave your phone in your bag and LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Enjoy this precious time with loved ones just for a couple of hours. Here are some suggestions to really get yourself and your valentine to enjoy each others company 100%

1. Go for a walk

Now the bulbs are starting to peak out of the ground, take some time to go out and enjoy them. Talk to each other about what you can see, hear, maybe even what you can smell! I love walking around our local park, spotting the snowdrops and listening to the birds singing. The air smells fresher and different somehow and this time of year too. Spend some time with your loved one absorbing the world around you and talking about what you enjoy.

2. Enjoy a mindful meal

Cook together, and make sure you include lots of different colours, textures and flavours. Take your time, eating the meal together, maybe with some gentle music in the background. Talk about what you like about the meal, how it makes you feel and the textures you are experiencing. Smell your food before you eat it.

If you like a little glass of wine, take time to savour the flavours and the smell. Try not to guzzle it!

3. Meditate together

Some couples might find this one a bit more tricky, but if you try and stay open minded it can be very rewarding.

There are a multitude of apps, playlists and videos which you can choose from. Find a melody you like or pick a guided meditation. Spend some time together just ‘being’. Let all your stresses and strains go, together.

4. Try a new hobby together

Have you ever fancied trying an art lesson or learning how to cook? Why not take up the hobby together? Learning something new with someone else can make it much easier and is certainly more fun! If you are going to a class, it’s also nice to know you are going with a familiar face.

5. Have a games night

Turn the TV off and crack out the board games! Everyone has good memories of being sat around the table with their family, so why not recreate that? It doesn’t have to be a complicated tournament of Trivial Pursuit, even a simple game of Snap can bring a couple together and enjoy a mindful evening of fun.

Are Your Creative Juices Flowing Yet?

These are just a few starter ideas to get you thinking about how you and your loved one can spend some time together. By being mindful together, bonds can be renewed and good memories can be made. So stop tweeting and scrolling through instagram, and start enjoying each other’s company!

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