Have you ever walked into someone home and felt instantly relaxed and happy but you’re not sure why? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can change the whole vibe of a house to turn it into a home. It’s all about being mindful about how you create those vibes…


I LOVE a houseplant. I have them in every single room of the house. Plants are a great way to soften the appearance of a room and make it more cosy. In my opinion, every mindful home should have houseplants in every room of the house!

Don’t worry if you’re not very good at keeping houseplants alive, there are loads of really good quality faux plants out there which are just as good as the real thing. I have a huge faux Monstera in my bathroom which I got from Homesense at the beginning of the year and I love it.

I particularly like having lots of plants in my bathroom, it gives a rainforest type vibe that makes me feel like I’m one of those girls from the Herbal Essences ad when I’m in the shower.

It’s no coincidence that every Tik-Tok and Instagram account features a small garden centre’s worth of house plants. There is something truly relaxing about having that jungle feeling in your lounge and more importantly it’s incredibly satisfying to keep them alive for any significant period of time.

If you’ve never really had houseplants before, I defo recommend doing your research first before you pick a load up that aren’t going to survive in your home. If you have a hot windowsill which you want to fill with greenery, you’re going to want a different batch of plant babies to those you put in your very humid bathroom. Don’t spend all your money without doing ten minutes of googling about which ones will work for you.

Display your memories

Photos and trinkets from past adventures can be great for putting smiles on faces. Even if no-one but you knows why you and your bestie were laughing so hard in that pic, it can really brighten a room to see things that actually have meaning behind them.

Some of my favourite places in other peoples homes are their bookshelves. Mainly because this is where a lot of little memories tend to congregate. To the person living there it might just be some bit of tat they got on a day trip to the arcades at the beach, but ask them about it and you can guarantee there will be a funny story attached.  And although you might not replay that story word for word every time you look at the plastic keychain it took you an hour to get at the two penny slots (not me – just an example) it will make you smile when you look at it.

Alternatively, if you’re the sort of person who takes a fudge-tonne of photos everywhere you go, why not turn them into a gallery wall? There are loads of website which offer really low prices to print off your iPhone photos, which you can then frame and display any where and everywhere. My particular favourite place is up the stairs. It’s one of those places where every time you walk past them you’ll see a different little memory. It’s also much better than a photo album on the coffee table which never gets opened up.

Mindful tips to create a happy home

Accept the ‘lived in’ look

Instagram and Pinterest can make us think that everyone else lives in perfect homes where everything is immaculate and nothing ever moves. But this simply isn’t realistic for 99% of the world. I know Mrs Hinch makes it look easy to maintain a spotless house, but here’s the thing: she enjoys doing that. That is admirable but certainly not for everyone.

Some of my favourite houses to be in are those ones that look a little bit chaotic. Think organised mess, not the hoarder next door (the best show ever!). Clean, but not necessarily the tidiest. A mindful home isn’t necessarily a minimalist home, but that’s ok.

It helps for me that I live with someone that is naturally not very tidy. As much as it winds me up that I’m constantly picking things up, it does make me realise there is more to life than a spotless home.

When you think about your favourite homes to go to other than your own, are they the ones where you’re afraid to touch anything in case you don’t put it back in the right place, or are they the ones where you kick your shoes off and really relax in? I know where I would rather be.

So maybe instead of panicking that the isn’t a vase of freshly cut flowers in every room, enjoy a little bit of chaos and all the fun it brings with it.

Install a good sound system

In my opinion, a happy home is one that has music playing in it as much as possible. Some of my favourite memories from being a kid was when we had music playing throughout the house. Music is a great for creating a happy atmosphere and to do that you need a good sound system.

Recently we became a ‘smart home’ – aka we installed a load of Google Nest devices. This has actually been one of my favourite purchases recently as it means that with one simple command I can be listening to music in any or all of the rooms in the house. I particularly love that I can ask for a genre, such as relaxing music, and in seconds I have some plinky plunky music to meditate to playing gently in the background. Ten minutes later and I can change it up for some background music perfect for a dinner date with the hubster.

I challenge you all to try and stay in a bad mood when your favourite 90’s hit is blasting out around your house – it’s impossible. 

Mindful tips to create a happy home

Enjoy Your Home

At the end is the day this is the main message from all of this. If you feel there is something missing in your home, or there is a room that makes you feel stressed out to max, then change it up. Think back to your favourite times at home and work out why you like it so much. Was it the home made movie nights where you built a den in the lounge? Did you love having the weekly Sunday lunch with home grown veggies? Use those happy times as inspiration for your house and turn it into a home.

What Mindful tips have you got for creating a happy home? Come on over to Instagram and let me know.

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