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This week has been a tough one. I am not going to go into it all now, (I will in a future post) but just know that something happened this week which made me really think about my health and how I treat my body.

Old habits die hard

I have always struggled with my weight. I come from a family who like’s their food. However, unlike some of my family, I have always hated exercise and so instead of burning all the excess calories I would consume, they would take up residence on my hips, thighs and pretty much everywhere else! As a result, I have been on various weight management plans since I turned 16. Sometimes they have worked and sometimes I have ignored them all and gorged on chocolate and cheese. My weight has varied over a range of about 4 stone.

So when this particular thing happened, it was somewhat of a wake up call. For the first time ever I had a kind of epiphany. If I want to live a long and happy life I have to look after myself. I have to take more responsibility and grow up!

Healthy Food, Healthy Lifestyle

Enough is enough

At this point I think it is also important for me to stress that this is not a vanity thing. Since puberty first kicked in I have always been self conscious, but not enough to let that affect me. I don’t want to lose weight to look better, I want to lose weight to feel better and to be healthier. I have always been happy (ish) no matter the size I was. However this was before I thought about how my diet and lack of exercise can affect my health and wellbeing. I have never been nor will I ever be a size 6 (and I don’t want to be) so I simply aim to be more fit and have a healthier diet and lifestyle. Besides, I know full well that skinny people can be unhealthy too, by storing fat on their organs (visceral fat) where it cannot be seen.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I have a video here which goes into details about how I intend to improve my diet and what exercise I am going to start with. Essentially it is easy. Eat less and move more. Ha! Easy! If it was easy then I wouldn’t be in this state in the first place. It is going to be a journey. Sometimes it will be harder than other times. But when times get tough, I will think back to this week and remind myself that nothing will be as tough as what I have experienced in the past few days. This will be my motivation to carry on when I want to ring for a pizza and eat my weight in chocolate buttons.

from me x
from me x


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