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home sweet home
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Home or Away?

This week we had a long weekend. Originally we were planning to go away, but due to lack of funds we made the hard decision of staying at home.

I actually ended up enjoying it as much (if not a bit more) than if we had gone away. I ended up getting a lot of things done off my to do list which had been bothering me. This meant that when I went back to work today I wasn’t thinking about quite so many things that needed doing at home!

Staycation – The Norm?

Speaking to others about this, it seems that more and more of us are choosing to stay at home. Largely down to funding. Working for a large organisation (which I won’t mention, but some of you will know!) I haven’t had a decent pay rise in over a decade. When you compare that to the rate of inflation and the cost of living, it’s no wonder we are all having to make sacrifices. Turns out holidays are one of the first things to go.

Home – is it so bad?

After thinking about it for some time, I realised I shouldn’t be disappointed about spending time at home. After all, I spend most of my time at work wishing I was back there! I decided I was finally going to do what I had been wanting to do for some time. I decided to invest some time in me, my family and my interests. Hence the spangly new look to the website – I finally had time to make it look fancy!

Me Time

It has been so nice to do the things I want to do as opposed to the things I should do or the things expected of me. I think sometimes it is important that we all spend some time on the things we enjoy. For the sake of our mental health. Spending all of our time on others can be draining. One thing I have always enjoyed about writing and content creating is that I am constantly learning and improving. I don’t always get to do this in my daily life so spending some time on it is incredibly fulfilling.

The best bit of course is that I get to do all of this whilst drinking gin! The boss night have something to say if I started pouring a sneaky G&T whilst writing that annual report!

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