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My week in a Word is a weekly opportunity for me to reflect on what has happened in the past seven days. For those of you who like the idea of writing a journal, I find it an easier way to do this and of course it’s very mindful. I publish this post every Monday.

Whose says we all have to change in the New Year?!
Whose says we all have to change in the New Year?!

New Year, New Me?

For those of you who have been on another planet, we’ve now moved into 2019. Cue a how flurry of emails, ads and programs about how we should all be trying to make ourselves a better person. Am I the only person who finds this marginally offensive? What’s wrong with me at the moment? Ok, I know I could do with losing a whole load of weight, but isn’t that up to me to make that call?? This week I have been making a conscious effort NOT to listen to all the propaganda and carry on being me.

New Year, New Job

One thing that is changing this year is that I am starting a new job. I am leaving my comfortable job of over a decade and jumping into a brave new world. This week has been bittersweet as I prepare for this and the realisation that this is actually going to happen! I had to do 12 weeks notice in my old job, so for a long time I was talking about moving in but not actually doing it. Now it’s happening and I’m ever so slightly terrified! I am, of course, very excited to start something new but the rollercoaster of emotions has been tricky to juggle.

New Year, New Ventures

On January 1st a very exciting project in my life launched; Blogging Buddies. This is a brand new website which I have launched with my very favourite blogger friends. This was such a great week for this to launch for me personally, as it gave me a chance to really concentrate on it. I am so incredibly passionate about building support networks for my blog colleagues. It’s inspiring to talk to people who share your desire to content create. If that’s you, I would really love for you to go over there and say Hi. You can click here to hop over there now.

New Year, New strength?
New Year, New strength?

New Year, New Outlook?

I’ve thought about this long and hard for the past week. Last year was such a rollercoaster of emotions for me and I found it so easy to let life get on top of me. All the crap that happened totally dictated my general outlook and quite frankly I’m bored of it! This year I am going to make a concerted effort to have a positive outlook. I’m going to dedicate time to self care and I want to share that with you. I also want to hear your positive actions and how you’re looking after yourself. Let’s all be positive together!

New Year, Old Me!

I guess after some thinking and procrastination, I have come to the conclusion that actually I am more than happy to carry on as I am. I am going to learn to love me for who I am. Yes, I might in the near future decide to be kinder to it in order to become more healthy, but that would be to optimise what I already have. Not to change it altogether. I am going to stick two fingers up to all those adverts asking me to join their new diet regime or latest craze. I am going to just stick to plain old me!

from me x

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Lee Bowden

I love this. I wish I had caught it when you posted it but considering the Blog Buddy Program being launched this week, I was a bit preoccupied.

There’s plenty of NEW to go around with out trying to push MYSELF to change. I like me. And I like you just the ways you are

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