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I wish I was more organised!
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Am I Naturally Productive?

Being organised and productive is something I really thrive on but also something I find quite challenging at times. At work, I get things done promptly and have an empty inbox 99% of the time (yes, empty!).

But when I get home it is a lot harder. I think I use up all my efficiency at work sometimes so that by the time I get home all I want to do is flop on the sofa and let the jobs around me fester.

I wish I was more organised!

This week has been different though. I have banned myself from sitting down until I have done something productive in the house.

Monday it was a workout at the park, followed by cleaning the kitchen and hoovering.  Tuesday it was a load of washing followed by some serious video editing. I could go on but I won’t bore you with my housework!

Once You Pop…

The strange thing was, once I got started I couldn’t stop.  I’ve barely sat on the sofa all week. I think my TV is feeling quite neglected! The house on the other hand, has never looked so good and I feel so on top of it I actually have time to do some of the things I want to do (such as writing these posts without feeling rushed!)

It is amazing how tense being disorganised can make a person feel. My darling husband would be the first one to admit and productivity and organisation is not his forte, but even he is finding that once he is feeling so much calmer when he spends his time doing something other than vegging in front of Netflix.

Back in The Day

When I was a kid we spent most evenings in front of the telly. My parents still do and I know a lot of others who are the same. I never saw it as an issue but then I realised that although that works for them, it doesn’t satisfy my busy brain. I end up stagnating and feeling like one of those blob people off of the film WALL-E!

As a member of the millennial generation (just) the need to prove I am productive and maybe worthy of my place in society is harder and therefore stronger. It is so quick and easy to do things now with technology progressing. It means that I have big gaps in my day to fill which years ago simply wouldn’t have been there! I need to feel like I am doing something worthwhile with our time.

So I shall be doing my best to keep this up. They say you have to do something 7 times before it becomes a habit, so I should be ok after a week!

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