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reflection can be used for good as well as bad reasons
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What is Reflection?

In my day job I am expected to do a lot of work based reflection. I look at how I have approached situations and analyse them. This process can help me determine how well I performed at the time and how I can improve (if at all) for the next time I find myself in similar circumstances. But I am not so good at using reflection in my personal life. What I mean is, whilst I do reflect on things, I don’t always do it for the right reasons. I certainly don’t always use the professional and rational portion of my brain when I am doing it either! This week has involved a lot of reflection, for good and bad reasons.

The Bad

As a rule I am someone who might be known as a ‘brooder.’ I like to think about things in minute detail and analyse everything I have done or could do. I spend hours dwelling on the things I could have done differently and beating myself up for it. But this week I decided to reflect on my actions in a different way. I finally got the message that I can chose how I react to a situation and therefore I can learn from situations which may have not gone well in a more positive manner. I have decided to be kinder to myself if I make mistakes and to also give myself credit when I have done things well.

The Good

This has led me to create a new mantra for myself:
Everyone should have a Mantra
Everyone should have a Mantra
  This mantra is applicable to so many aspects of my life; my weight loss, my work and my mental health to name just three. I am waking up in the morning and reminding myself of this. Each day is a new day and I mustn’t dwell on the past. This is where I think reflection has to take on a new role in my life. Whilst dwelling on things can be bad because it stops you moving on with your life, reflection can actually help you learn from experiences and grow as a person. However the lines can blur sometimes and I have had to be structured about reflecting in order to ensure I don’t get lost in the realms of ‘should, woulda, coulda’. To prevent this happening I have been writing down my thoughts, making sure I come up with constructive feedback when things have gone wrong and reminding myself of the positives that have come out of my situation.
Success isn't always easy
Success isn’t always easy

Lets Be Realistic…

I’m still going to have good days and bad days, but hopefully the more I practice this the better I will get, and the bad days will become fewer and fewer. Forgiveness and perseverance are the key to ensure long term success. I just have to take every day as it comes.
from me x
from me x
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