My Week in a Word – Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation - Sometimes we need to mix things up a bit!
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This week I have been trying to revive and refresh the house and my routine. The last few weeks (*cough* months) I have been getting a bit lax on how tidy and clean the house is kept. Prior to getting married in May I was busy getting everything ready for that. The house was pushed further down the list of priorities and it has been struggling to get back into poll position.

So I decided enough was enough. I have started a load of projects around the house and never seem to have finished them. Painting half done, rooms a tip and stuff EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t take it any longer!

Rejuvenation - Sometimes we need to mix things up a bit!
Sometimes we need to mix things up a bit!

Project Planning

It may come as no surprise to some of you that this is my favourite part of any project. I get to get all my lovely stationary out, sit in front of Pinterest and brainstorm, looking at colours and textures. I try to think about what word I would use to theme the project. If I’m feeling very brave I might even draw some pictures. Normally they don’t reflect the vision in my head though!

Problem I have is that I enjoy this part of the project so much I sometimes forget to actually start the ‘doing’ stage! I decided this week I was going to break this habit.

Committing to the Project

In order to make sure I did actually start making some changes, I decided to set a date. I picked this weekend as I knew I didn’t have any other plans and I wrote it on the calendar. By writing it down I knew I couldn’t back out. My brain likes this kind of commitment. It means I can prepare mentally for what is going to happen.

So when I woke up Saturday morning, I knew exactly what I was doing. I had spent the evenings during the week planning and making lists. I got up and cracked straight on.

At this point you are probably wondering what these projects are. Basically it’s a bit of everything. I have had ideas for decorating the house and up-cycling bits of furniture for a long time now. It’s just I have never found the time or inclination to get it done!

Change is good
Change is good

Making time

One thing I had to do in order to ensure I would have the time this weekend was to make sure the house didn’t become a tip during the week. Otherwise I would spend all weekend tidying and never get time to do what I wanted to do. This involved another change. I needed to rejuvenate my evening routine.

It can be so easy when I get home from work to come home, sit on the sofa and spend the evening there. This feels good at the time, but the next morning I just get annoyed when I wake up to mess and chaos. I decided that I wasn’t going to sit on the sofa until I was happy with the state of the house. This included dinner. We have this bad habit of eating dinner on the sofa. It means we don’t enjoy our food and we certainly don’t want to get up after and load the dishwasher! So instead I cleared the kitchen table of all the stuff on it and actually set the table for dinner. Without even thinking we were automatically tidying up after eating – a miracle!

Let the Rejuvenation Commence!

I am so please with what I have done so far. Things are not finished but I have certainly have made a big dent in the work. I am so looking forward to having it all done and knowing it was me that put all the effort it. Of course I will keep you involved in the whole journey, and show you how it looks when I’m all done!

Check out my Instagram for updates on how these things are going.

from me x

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