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sometimes we all have to prioritise our wellbeing
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Mental Wellbeing

This week has been challenging to say the least. Having spent a lot of time doing things for others and trying to work out how to balance everything for the past few weeks, I have found myself having the classic symptoms of burnout. It is times like this I have to sit down and remind myself what is important to me. I, like many others, forget to prioritise my mental wellbeing and this inevitably catches up with me from time to time.

sometimes we all have to prioritise our wellbeing
sometimes we all have to prioritise ourselves

Everyone experiences burnout it different ways. For me, it is the constant feeling of dread and doubt. I feel like I’m swimming through custard. I start to slow down both physically and mentally, which ultimately leads to me becoming more and more lazy. This is usually when I give myself a good talking to and think about what is important to me.


My my wellbeing really starts to suffer, I experience something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy; Panic Attacks. Usually occurring after a stressful situation, panic features symptoms such as tight chest, shortness of breath and feeling of fear. It is the bodies way of releasing all the pent up energy and adrenaline which was produced during the situation.

This is why wellbeing can be such a tricky thing to manage. Mental health is complex and it is important to know your own body in order to recognise what triggers could be relevant to you.


I mention this word a lot on this blog. This is because I believe in it so strongly. In order to preserve our mental wellbeing it is vital to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings.

It doesn’t have to be all about meditating and sitting in a darkened room with scented candles and plinky-plinky music. You just need to be aware of yourself and you surroundings. Some people may know it as emotional intelligence. If you can identify what sort of personality you have, and therefore what is going to provoke negative feelings for you, it is much easier to safeguard your mental health and wellbeing.

Its all about the simple things
Its all about the simple things

My Strategies

There are a few things I have learnt over the past few years which help me to stay mentally healthy. For example, I write down how I am feeling a lot. This is great because it means I get to use notebooks which I have a slight addiction to!. By offloading what is spinning around in my brain, I can make better sense of it. I ask myself if there is anything I can do about it; if the answer is no, I let it go. If the answer is yes, then I write down what the solution is and then let it go! Just one simple activity which goes a long way.

Of course there’s also nothing wrong with a simple bubble bath with candles and soft music too. Everything that makes you feel better is valuable and has it’s place. It just depends on the situation you find yourself in at the time.

So that is what I shall be concentrating on for the near future at least. It may mean some things are sacrificed and I have to say no to some people. If this is the case then so be it; we all have to think of ourselves every now and again. I urge you to do the same.

from me x
from me x
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Lee Bowden

I can’t help but feel the same way, I’m SO burnt out after this move. Luckily I didn’t ACTUALLY have any panic attacks, but my anxiety has been through the roof this month. It’s a crazy reminder that I really do have anxiety. Most of the time I work through life easily, and can stay really optimistic. But right now, there’s just SO MUCH going on right now!

The reminder to be MINDFUL is so key… If only I knew where my notebooks were hiding, or which box they were in… *humph* #goal find my notebooks!


Awesome post and it is really good to have some understanding of when you are burnt out and also how to overcome this!


Great post and I totally relate as I suffer from severe anxiety. This has definitely given me some new tips, thank you 🙂 x

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