November Goals

What Goals are you setting for November

OK, this isn’t funny anymore! I know I sound like an old lady in a nursing home but where has this year gone??

Mind you, having said that I do LOVE November. Not only because it’s my birthday month, but also because this is the month when things really start to feel festive! The gloves and scarf comes out, the fireworks are going off and the mulled wine is warming the cockles – Lush!

Reflection Time

So let’s just see how I got on with last months goals.

  1. Have more fun on Social Media. Yes, but can still do more.
  2. Enjoy My Community. Yes, and loving it!
  3. Be more Festive. Ask Mike!!
  4. Make an Emergency Self Help kit. YES! You can read about it here.
  5. Be More Present. Working on this one, it’s a tricky one but I’m getting there!

So not actually to bad for me, I’m really pleased with how things have gone. Lets see if I can continue on such a good streak!

My New Goals

This is what I have decided to work on this month. Keep your fingers crossed I can keep up the good work!

Keep The House Tidy

With so many social events coming up over the next couple of months, more and more people are going to be in my house. I live with someone who is blind to mess (cough cough – Mike), which can make keeping the house presentable somewhat of a challenge. I have decided though that enough is enough. I don’t want to be frantically running around an hour before guests show up! Let’s keep the mess under control!

Sort Out The Fish Tank

This one had to go on the back burner a couple of months ago. Now, it is officially doing my head in! The poor tank looks more like a swamp. God knows how the fish are surviving in it. It makes me feel like a bad pet owner, which I refused to be! I’m giving the tank a revamp and going to make it look super pretty. Watch this space for an upcoming video about it.

Start Christmas Cooking

Yes I am well aware it is only November, but some things taste better if they’ve had a while to mature. A couple of years ago I made some mincemeat. It was amazing and so easy to do. Put in fancy jars it also makes a nice little present for Christmas. I also want to have a go at making some gingerbread and a Christmas cake, so I’m allowing myself some time for ‘false starts’! I might even have a go at making some mulled wine.

Prepare for Blogmas

Yes, it’s coming up to that time of year again! I failed miserably at Vlogmas last year so this year I am going to merge the two medias and have a mixture of videos and written posts in the run up to Christmas. Surprisingly, I have actually been super organised and already sorted what I want to do. I just need to make a head start and get on with creating some of this fab content. This should give me at least a couple of days headway!

Thats All Folks!

Normally I would have one more goal, but as this month is going to be hectic for me I am sticking with 4. I want to be realistic and give these things the time and attention they need to be completed properly.

Wow, just think, the next one of these will be DECEMBER – ARGH!!!

from me x
from me x

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I love setting goals for the month so I always have something to work towards! These are good goals because they’re for your real life which is always great, most goals I see online are about numbers etc. Nice post!
Alex x

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