Product Review: Rose Quartz Bracelet

Does Rose Quartz really bring you peace?

The product being reviewed in this article was kindly gifted to me. I have not been paid to promote this product and the opinions I convey in this article are entirely my own. For more information please visit my disclosure page.

The Journey Continues

As you will have read in last weeks article, I have been exploring alternative therapies and how they might be able to assist in mindfulness and self care. Shortly after starting my journey into crystal healing, I stumbled across a company on Facebook making gorgeous crystal and gemstone jewellery. This company is called Amore Designs.

Does Rose Quartz really bring you peace?

After taking the time to have a look at some pieces and get to know a bit more about each of them, I cheekily asked if I could review one. I mean, how else could I give you genuine recommendations without trying one for myself!

A few days later, I received a beautiful Rose Quartz Bracelet. Included in the packaging was instruction on how to care for the piece, how to recharge the gems and what I could expect to get from them. Also included was a small card which explained the history of crystal healing. They even made a cute little bag out of newspaper for me to store the piece in!

First Impressions

The bracelet itself was very well made. Elasticated and embellished with a small heart charm. It is ever so slightly tight on my wrist, but I do have quite big wrists so I am not surprised. It is probably something I should have considered when placing my request. Having said all of that, I am still able to wear it comfortably and as a piece of jewellery alone I am very happy with the quality of the product.

The Therapy Aspect

Rose Quartz is said to bring to love, harmony and peace. Having done my research in the last couple of weeks, I studiously cleansed and charged the gemstone bracelet prior to wearing. I had been advised to charge the gemstones in the moonlight, but I decided to go for an alternative method (mainly because it was forecast to rain that night!).

Since doing this I have worn the bracelet most days. Although I haven’t had any physical sensations like the ones I described in my last post, I have felt more content. I don’t think I really noticed it at the time, but certainly on reflection I can see I have not been as ‘highly strung’.

Does Rose Quartz really bring you peace?

Overall Impressions

As I have said before, it is difficult to prove that the rose quartz is actively helping to improve my wellbeing. I have certainly felt more at peace since receiving the bracelet and wearing it.

The bracelet is beautifully made, and the packaging and overall service proves that Amore Designs is dedicated to making high quality products. If you are looking for jewellery made with love, I would absolutely recommend Amore Designs.

from me x
from me x

Amore Designs and their products can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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