Why Bother being Mindful?

Ok so you’ve heard this phrase mindfulness bouncing around. You’ve found out a bit about what it is and how you can do it, but why bother? What benefits will you actually get from trying to be mindful? In this article I will go through the proven benefits of Mindfulness. Benefits which not only have I experienced, but have been seen by thousands of people all over the world.

1. Reduced Stress

This is probably an obvious one but still very much worth mentioning. The main reason people practice mindfulness is to reduce stress levels. In this modern society, we spend a lot of time on computers, smartphones and other devices. We absorb a lot of information. We are put under a lot of pressure to ensure we are up to date with what is going on with our friends and favourite content creators. If that’s not enough, we all are expected to work hard and reach deadlines which were probably set for yesterday! Life is incredibly stressful for everyone now, why not take a bit of time for yourself to wind down and relax?

2. Improved Mental Health

Rather much linked to the first point, if you are less stressed you are mentally more healthy. Not only that, but it is proven that those who practice mindfulness are more resilient to stressful situations. These people have better self control when it comes to emotional responses to negative experiences. Basically it means we don’t freak out as often when things don’t go so well! I have definitely felt this since practicing mindfulness, so I can vouch for this one!

3. Improved Cognition

AKA better concentration. How often do you find yourself doing something which you hadn’t intended to do? Completely distracted from what you were meant to be doing? I am massively guilty of this. Mindfulness helps loads with this. I have seen that I am able to concentrate on what I am doing more. By being mindful I am able to shut out distractions and getting tasks done much more easily. I am able to process information more easily too.

4. Improved Sleep

I’m fairly certain I have mentioned this one before, but mindfulness really helps with sleep. By being able to stop your mind wandering off and thinking about all the things you need to get done the next day or what went wrong at work that day, you can get off to sleep much more quickly. Just as importantly, you get better quality of sleep and don’t end up waking in the night. Hopefully meaning you feel more rested when you do wake up in the morning. I have found I find it much easier to get up in the morning since practicing mindfulness. Something which was a huge challenge for me previously.

5. Improves Relationships

This one was the most surprising for me I have to say. Practicing mindfulness can help improve your relationships with other people. This is because instead of spending time over-analysing social situations or what someone said, we move on and live in the moment. It also means that we are more aware of our emotions and can be more conscious of how we react to people. I have noticed that I have a much stronger relationship with my husband, because I am more aware of how I am feeling. I can articulate that to him instead of getting in a strop and arguing with him for no apparent reason!

So there you have it, five reasons why mindfulness is good for you and why you should start practicing it today! It’s so easy and if you want some pointers of how to get started, I have another article here with some easy activities.

The Proven Benefits of Mindfulness
The Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

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