Blogmas Day 20: What To Do With Unwanted Gifts

What can you do with those awful gifts?
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There’s nothing worse than opening a present up in front of someone, only to be thoroughly disappointed by what you find inside. You do that overly fake smiles and thank them far too much. What on earth were they thinking? Do they know you at all? Now what are you going to do? It sits in a cupboard for years and years, collecting dust until you finally bin it or send it to charity.

But is there a better way? I have a few suggestions which might mean you don’t have to deal with dreadful presents in the future.

What can you do with those awful gifts?

Spread the word

If someone gave you an awful present last year and are high risk orf repeating this, maybe tell them that you’re not doing presents this year. You could even suggest that you would like the money to be donated to charity.  That makes you look good, money goes to charity and you don’t have to fake a smile

Recycle Them

This can be done in a couple of ways, either by saving the presents and regifting them to someone else (just make sure you don’t give it back to them!), or send it to the charity shops for someone else to enjoy. 

Sell Them

We all spend too much money at Christmas, so why not get a little bit back by selling those unwanted gifts. You would be amazed how many presents end up on eBay on Boxing day! 

Upcycle Them

You might not like the gift for its original purpose but you might like it for something else. Mugs make good pen or brush pots, slogan pictures can be taken out the frame and replaced with more loved photos and 

Return the Gift

If the person  who bought the gift is uncertain about it, they will probably have given you a gift receipt. This can be taken as full permission for you to take back the item if you don’t like it. Be careful to check the date on the receipt though, you may not have long to do this, although some shops do extend the returns period over Christmas. A lot of high street stores will even accept gifts without a receipt, but they must be in their packaging and you will probably only get a store voucher, not cash.

Be Honest

This is the bravest option of course, and maybe think carefully about how you are going to say you don’t like the gift they gave you. A couple of years ago my sister-in-law chose to get very drunk before telling my Mum she doesn’t like orange chocolate! Luckily Mum took it well but I wouldn’t recommend this as a method!

What can you do with those awful gifts?

What do you do with your unwanted gifts? Let me know!

from me x
from me x
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