A Walk in the Woods – Getting back in touch with Nature

Getting out there

After being stuck indoors for a fortnight, today we finally went for a walk – the first one since New Years Day!

Waking up this morning, I looked underneath the crack in the curtains and peered outside to see the rain falling. However a bit of rain has never put me off! Undeterred, we pulled on our raincoats and walking boots, climbed into the car and drove to a random car park in the forest.

I have always preferred to just see where the car takes me, to drive down a road I’ve never been down before and find out where it leads and today was no different. Pulling over into the car park, we decided to cross the road and head into the woods.

Walking through the brown ferns, I recall that smell of the forest in the rain. it’s a fresh, familiar smell and I feel instantly at ease. We venture deeper and deeper into the forest, stopping occasionally to listen to the woodpeckers, or examine the way the trees have fallen.

Deep in the Forest

We look up at the sky and study the canopy above us. When you are in the forest, it can be hard to know if it is still raining or not as the trees protect you from the elements. We find the edge of the copse and discover the drizzle has lifted. It has left behind a boggy mess of mud and moss behind.


We decide to walk in a figure eight so we don’t cover our own tracks (and also so we don’t lose the car!). Despite being a cold and wet January morning, we feel comfortably warm in our big rain coats and fluffy socks. The prospect of a cup of tea in the local cafe encourages us to walk a bit further and a bit faster when the terrain gets a bit hilly.

Hidden Treasures

On our return back to the car. We notice a small hole in the ground – the entrance to a rabbit warren perhaps? It must be very cosy in there because we can almost see steam coming out of the hole. It makes me think about all the life we can’t see when we are walking around, and whats happening below our feet.

Back in the car, I feel grateful for how close I am to nature and how easily I can get to it. I feel a sense that these woods have seen more than I can imagine. If only trees could talk.

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