Welcome to Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings and to clean out the cobwebs

Spring Has Sprung?

Welcome to ‘Spring’. I have put this in quotation marks because as those of you in the UK know it has been a VERY wintery start to the month. Waking up on 1st March, officially the first day of spring, to a dusting of snow is not what I was expecting. Yes I know they had forecast it, but after years of disappointment as a child I have learnt not to believe snow is coming until I see it!

So in the first week of spring, instead of seeing the tops of daffodils starting to bloom and the birds carrying twigs in their beaks to build nests for their upcoming chicks, I was walking in 4 inches of snow and building a snowman who was affectionately named ‘Nigel’ (who is still fighting for survival on the decking as I write this piece!).

Nigel - our snowman. He was the Our vain attempt at being childish in the snow. I stopped quite Quickly because Imy hands got too cold but Mike carried on regardless!

There’s something quite surreal about walking around your local patch when it’s covered in snow. Everything is immediately prettier, including the building site for the new housing development near me. We went out for a walk in the local meadows and to my surprise and delight we picked the right time, as it began to snow quite heavily as we walked along the canal. It was like the world instantly transformed into a Christmas movie. You can watch this in my vlog here

Waking through Fishlake Meadows in the snow was like walling through a dream. I was so happy despite not being able to feel my toes for the cold. It was everything I wanted a snow day to be.

Two Days Later…

Unfortunately it did not last and now the snow has gone, leaving the cold behind. Now I am looking forward to what is to come: daffodils and birds building nests.

A beautiful double headed daffodil from my parents garden. They have a gorgeous garden and I especially love it in the spring when the colour suddenly reappears

Spring is typically the time for a clear out, and over the next few weeks I will be exploring how a tidy house encourages a tidy mind in my videos and I will be also looking at how to keep our thoughts tidy and organised in the blog.

I will also be encouraging you to take in the world around you more, focusing on the changes in your garden and beyond, including some outdoor activities to help clear the cobwebs after the gloom of the dark winter months.

Of course this season also features Easter, Mothering Sunday and the May bank holidays. I also have the small matter of getting married to deal with in May. I will be finding out how these special days came to be and why we shouldn’t neglect them.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and to clean out the cobwebs

Spring is the season of new beginnings! In the spirit of this, Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets has had a makeover! This is to reflect the future focus of the blog. It will be a safe, comforting place where you can come to learn and also be entertained!

Taking Time For You

I am so keen to promote realistic ways we can incorporate mental and emotional care into our lives, without all the incense sticks and baggy trousers. It’s so easy in this busy and ever evolving world to forget about ourselves in the strive to please others. I am here to say NO MORE!

Someone asked me if I would be telling them to turn their phone off an hour before bed and start meditating. Whilst this is fantastic advice it may not be realistic! I won’t be turning my phone off an hour before bed because this is when I get to talk to all of you which I find relaxing – so why would I stop that? But there are other small things you can incorporate into your day to help. Notice there I used the word incorporate? I am not going to ask you to change. This is often too daunting and certainly I know from my own experience these changes do not last long. Instead, by adding to or enhancing what you do, both at home and at work, the tools I give you are more likely to have longevity and benefit your wellbeing.

So I will be trying to practice what I preach and you will be able to see this in my weekend vlogs.

I will also be interviewing others who are doing their bit to raise awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing. Especially those who are doing it in more imaginative ways.

Bring It On!

This is going to be such an exciting new season, and would really love your feedback and contributions. I will be over on Twitter promoting my #twominutetips and would be interested to hear what yours would be. Come and join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook too – I can’t wait to hear from you all!


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