We’ve all been hearing about reducing our plastic footprint recently in the news and on social media (if you haven’t where have you been?). We are the lucky generation that gets to try and fix all of the damage that the previous ones have done to the planet. Hearing more and more about how plastic is harming the wildlife and is generally nasty stuff. Everyone in the UK has gallantly adopted their ‘bags for life’ and we all have our recycling bins outside our front doors.

But have you heard about zero waste? Now this, you might argue, is the same thing as reducing the amount of plastic we use. Well yes, it does mean this, but strictly speaking it’s actually about reducing the total amount of ‘rubbish’ which a person creates to zero. Yes, eliminate waste altogether. This is in an ideal world of course. Achieving this is actually a lot more tricky. Especially when so much of what we use is made to be disposable and often made of plastic.

How to achieve a zero waste lifestyle

How To Achieve Zero Waste?

So what constitutes as rubbish? Well, anything that cannot be recycled, reused or recommissioned. In other words, if you’re putting it in a black bin liner – it’s rubbish.

There are loads of way to reduce the amount of waste a person produces. I am just started out on my journey. But why bother? There is the obvious ‘save the planet’ reason – did you know plastic NEVER breaks down? Ever? It just sits in landfill piles, never changing. And I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen a picture or video of some poor animal with some horrible packaging stuck on their neck or foot.

The Selfish Side

Not only this, but I am actually starting to get fed up with seeing my hard earned cash literally being thrown away sometimes. Who wouldn’t rather invest what little cash we get to bring home after the tax man has taken his ever growing cut of our salary? Every penny is valuable, we’re all trying to save money where we can. I have already noticed that I am saving money by investing in products and I would normally get disposable versions of. It’s a bit more of a selfish reason to reduce the amount of waste we use, but it’s still important at a time when our disposable income is shrinking.

So, I shall be sharing with you my experiences and advice which I have learnt from reducing my waste. I haven’t quite got down to zero yet – but I’m working on it! So far, I have explored options in the kitchen, bathroom and in the garden. Look out for articles on how these are going in the near future.

How to achieve a zero waste lifestyle

Game On!

Zero waste is a big, tough challenge. One person is not going to change the world, but hopefully it will make an impact in my little world. You never know, it might inspire you to try some for yourself! Although, I do think the reusable toilet paper might take some persuasion in this household!!

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from me x
from me x